Brent Resident Wins Prestigious National Mentee of the Year Award

The National Mentoring Awards are a national celebration to honour ‘Mentoring Excellence’ and give public recognition to individuals and organisations who mentor across all walks of life, whether in their business, community, personal or professional lives, founded by leading business mentor Chelsey Baker.

Hundreds of mentors from all over the UK entered the awards and were honored for their outstanding mentoring achievements in a red-carpet awards ceremony on Friday 1st March. The event was attended by over 300 of the UK’s top mentors, mentoring organisations alongside business leaders, government officials and CEO’s form every sector of business, and society.

Khadija Abdelhamid, mentee of Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall, founder of Ultra Education, a company which teaches entrepreneurship to young people, won National Mentee of The Year Award on the night.

She said “’Winning National Mentee of the Year is a testament of how far I’ve come in both my personal and professional life. With the mentorship of Julian Hall of Ultra Education I’ve started my own social enterprise. To be recognised on a National Level means I am able to expand my professional network and provide young people from across the UK mentoring opportunities through my social enterprise Speak Dreams.’

The event marked a significant point in history where for the first time the UK’s mentors and mentoring organisations were honoured. The awards were hosted by three times BAFTA winner and the UK’s top impressionist Rory Bremner and founder and CEO of the National Mentoring Awards, Chelsey Baker at the Jumeirah Carlton Hotel in London.

“As a nation we need to give thanks not only to those who mentor but to the mentoring initiatives that do so much to help change the lives of so many people from all walks of life,” says Chelsey Baker.

Chelsey adds, “The National Mentoring Awards matter because they recognise the life changing work of mentors across the UK and from all sectors of business, education and society. We are proud to be able to honour them and celebrate their mentoring achievements.”