Boosting International Trade & services between UK and Caribbean Region

Trade & Services  Programme Jamaica (TSPJ) provides a cross-sectoral market access and supply chain collaboration between UK and USA partners operating within Jamaica.

West London is a leading location for the forthcoming ‘Jamaica 55’ celebrations with a special focus on Business & Economic Growth envisaged by the UK Caribbean Ministerial Forum, “Building a Stronger Partnership for Sustainable Growth and Development”.

TSPJ works closely with local authorities, city councils and regional authorities to harness the power of the Diaspora by facilitating twinning and friendship agreements between UK and the Caribbean

TSPJ, will host a Business & Economic Growth Forum at the British High Commission, Kingston, Jamaica on Wednesday 19th July 2017.   To find out more e-mail Rudi Page:


Photo – L to. R: Steve Rapley, International Trade Advisor, London Team,Department for International Trade; HE Seth George Ramocan, High Commissioner, Jamaica; Rudi Page, CE, Making Connections Work & Chair, Economic Growth Council Forum UK