Bicycle Parking Monitoring Pilot – Summary Report

WestTrans have created a report on the inspection of 71 West London developments with a cycle parking requirement in accordance with the London Plan and the quality of cycle parking available at each site. Sites were judged against the West London Cycle Parking Standards.

The report found:

  • No cycle parking at all at 12 out of 71 developments
  • No cycle parking provision at 72 out of 164 cycle parking locations*
  • All long-term cycle parking failed to meet the West London Cycle Parking Guidance
  • Only 1 location met the guidance standards for short-term parking
  • 40 out of 71 developments provided less cycle parking spaces than required
  • Stand and aisle spacing guidance was the most common infringement
  • Nearly all locations fail to accommodate special cycles

The priority actions were therefore decided as:

  1. Adopt cycle parking standards and communicate to developers
  2. Implement site inspections for all new developments
  3. Revisit developments to make improvements

You can read the full report here!