Are we prepared for Corona crisis asks OpenCell


Corona ? outbreak is serious and the impact underestimated. While China has taken the necessary measures, the UK is complacent say OpenCell.

The extreme quarantine measures used in China are appropriate and sensible. By effectively shutting the country down for two weeks the spread can be halted and the worst impact (which can take >100 days to occur) can be avoided.

In contrast, in London people use public transport twice daily for up to 3 hours, no one wears protective masks when ill and most refuse to take sick leave. There is a single entry point for the UK health service (famous for cramped waiting rooms), the general practitioner (GP), ensuring that the sickest people are brought together with the most vulnerable.

‍Understanding the situation is important and combatting misinformation even more so. OpenCell’s full article on the Corona crisis contains some resources that can help us to dig a little deeper. If you have a resource to recommend or a OpenCell have made an error please reach out to @opencelllondon on social media (reply our twitter thread).