An opportunity to develop your leadership skills with time out of West London at the University of Chester

INPD’s 5 day Directors programme at the University of Chester is one of the most popular programmes INPD run.  The programme trains executives to the very highest strategic level, giving each attendee the knowledge base to lead any company as an effective director.

INDP have places currently at a part funded rate of £2,500 + Vat, rather than the full rate of £3,950 + Vat. This is applicable to any of our future dates. These are available on a first come first served basis so do let INPD know if you would like to take advantage. (Charity Rates available too on request)

The feedback that INDP receive from hundreds of delegates that attend each year, is phenomenal. These are a couple of comments from their course, just last week!

“Overall an excellent course I recommend to colleagues. I liked the mix of delegates from public and private companies and I feel this mix added to the great debate we had both in and outside the classroom” Director of Nursing/Deputy Chief Executive – NHS Foundation

“This course was life changing. All the Tutors were inclusive, and I was made to feel able to participate and contribute. There are so many things that I learned from this week that I will implement on my return to work. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their strategic directorship” – Director, Engineering Sector

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Next Dates:  

  • March 4th – March 8th 2019 @ Central Manchester Sold Out
  • April 8th – April 12th 2019 @ Chester University
  • May 13th – May 17th 2019 @ Central London
  • June 10th – June 14th 2019 @ Chester University
  • July 1st – July 5th 2019 @ Central Manchester
  • August 12th – August 16th 2019 @ Central London
  • September 9th – September 13th 2019 @ Central Manchester
  • More dates for later in the year available if none of the above are suitable.

Course Agenda

Day one: The role of the company director

  • Understanding the role of the Director
  • The Companies Act 2006 and specific roles
  • Roles in the boardroom
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk management
  • Providing effective challenge and support in the Boardroom
  • Stakeholder management
  • The future for a Director: consideration of legislative changes
  • Case study evaluations

Day two: Finance for Non-Finance Directors

  • The DNA of the financial numbers of a business and an understanding of cashflow, balance sheet, and profit & loss / income statements
  • How to interpret the numbers from a non-financial perspective
  • Understanding accounting principles and standards
  • Methods that can be used by finance directors to create financial information that is non-financial friendly, including financial ratios
  • How financial numbers relate to a company’s cash position
  • Understanding the relationships between a company’s financial stakeholders and its Directors / business owners
  • How to rely on and get the most from the finance function
  • Understanding finance and the various financial statements
  • Analysing financial numbers and ratios
  • Getting the best from your finance team
  • Analysis of financial board reports
  • Presenting the case to external financial stakeholders
  • Recognising the signs of a failing company
  • When it can go wrong

Day three: The Directors Role in Strategic Marketing

  • Driving value and market share from research and insights
  • Developing a brand and the universal truth
  • My Brand narrative
  • The purchasing decision making process
  • Learning in Practice
  • Public affairs and stakeholder communications
  • Crisis management in action
  • The world of Digital and social marketing
  • Working within data protection legislation and GDPR

Day Four: The Directors Role in Strategy

  • Understanding differences in strategic and operational thinking
  • Strategic business planning concepts
  • Designing and managing a process for success
  • Defining the environment and influential factors
  • Reviewing a range of theories to inform best practice

Day Five: The Directors role in Leading & Managing an Organisation

  • Self-awareness in leadership
  • Developing an inquisitive mind-set
  • Managing performance and measuring progress
  • Influencing a positive culture in the workplace
  • Managing diverse inter-dependent teams
  • Developing resilience in the workforce
  • Thought leadership
  • Team coaching

Learning Outcomes

  • Detailed knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Director including legal obligations, personal liabilities and expected duties and how these relate to your role in your business;
  • Build crucial commercial, operational and leadership skills and knowledge;
  • Improved confidence and effectiveness operating at Board, C or D-level executive-level management;
  • Knowledge of the latest Boardroom best practice and principles;
  • Development of the personal key skills to better influence the board and deliver more effective outcomes;
  • Improved and more informed decision making, viewing challenges more objectively and delivering better results;
  • An ability to lead and plan more strategically, identifying threats and exploiting new opportunities.

Benefits of Attending

  • Build valuable skills – The Directors Programme will increase your confidence, managerial and leadership abilities, particularly in terms of formulating strategy, implementing governance, financial management, problem solving, change management, alongside team and organisational development.
  • Network with peers and share best practice – During your learning experience at the Directors programme, you will be able to meet other like-minded Directors and Business leaders. The programme encourages and facilitates the sharing of experiences and best practice. Following completion of the programme, you will become part of an exclusive alumni, offering you access to an ever-growing community of current and future leaders.
  • Turn theory into practice – You will learn how to apply theories and best practices in your current role through simulations, role playing, case studies and discussions. The learning methods we use will enable you to apply business and management principles and theories directly into leadership practice and organisational policy-making.
  • Progress and improve effectiveness at Director level – With advanced management and leadership and skills included, the Directors’ Development Programme Accelerator, will equip you with the tools to implement strategic improvements in your workplace.

Cost: £3,950  + VAT

***PART FUNDED RATES –  INPD currently have places available at a part funded rate of £2,500 + Vat. These are available on a first come first served basis***

Upon completion of the course, there is an option to accredit your learning to Post Graduate Certificate level, in strategic leadership for directors.

For more information e-mail WLB member Jon Palmer  in the Executive Education Team at in > Professional Development at The University of Chester.