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Are you dealing with a digital grievance?

It has become second nature for some people to share their experiences online, with little left to the imagination. So much so that even the inner sanctum of the workplace can become public knowledge in a matter of seconds via a disgruntled employee with a penchant for posting.

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How working from home led to disability discrimination

A recent case highlights the complexities of remote working requests and how one employer ended up with a claim for disability discrimination.



New day one right to carer’s leave

In efforts to “build back better” from the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK government is making changes to create an employment framework that meets the needs of modern workplaces.

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Is full disclosure reducing your recruiter prospects?

Would you hire an ex-offender to work in your business? Perhaps you have never considered this before. In fact, your recruitment process might be deciding for you..



Joining forces with your social media star

Are there any positives to an employee being on social media all the time? Some businesses have found that there can be.



Creative quitters

From baking a cake to an alarming exit, read how these creative quitters left a lasting impression.

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